James Espie

James is a software tester, currently helping to build world class giving and engagement solutions at Pushpay.

He's a big believer in making life better for everyone - by building helpful, easy-to-use software; by helping other testers get better at their craft; or by taking his friends to the pub.

When he's not doing the above, you can find him drawing pictures, running around in the forest, or playing video games with his wife and son.

@jamesespie on Twitter or Instagram.

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Dan Barrow

Building on a lifetime of testing peoples patience with incessant questions Dan found that he could be paid for it! After growing up in the UK he moved to Auckland in 2012 and is still there loving and living life to the full. 

Dan's a context driven domain expert tester with a passion for discovering and pioneering new testing ideas and teaching others. Building a bright future for testing and closer collaborative teams where testers are not the final hurdle for software but an integrated influence throughout its journey towards a quality product.

He also loves his Football, DIY and Gaming and is a dedicated partner and father to his two daughters

@danielbarrownz on Twitter