30 Days of Agile Testing! Day twenty-seven.

Day 27:
Look into zero bug tolerance, is this something your team could do?

I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes really quickly researching the term zero bug tolerance!


Which simply means - fix any bugs before writing any new code.
So if a bug is found, fix it before continuing with any feature work.

Researching this has brought on feelings of guilt as I realise I have a post-it on my monitor with work (bug hunting) I really should have followed up by now.

Zero bug tolerance is something we value, and it’s hard to implement sometimes, especially with deadlines. Fortunately we’re reasonably good at it.

Even when business reasons mean a bug can’t be fixed straight away, it’s never there for long.

But it’s super important. For the simple reason that the longer a bug exists, the more expensive it is to fix!

So - I’ve got some work to prioritize!

- JE