30 Days of Agile Testing! Day twenty-eight.

Day 28:
What learning culture exists in your company? How can you contribute to it?

Learning's a huge part of our culture, for those that want it to be. We offer heaps of opportunities, and I think most people seize them - you'd be crazy not to!

We have regular brown bag sessions, that introduce new features or concepts.
Every team member has access to LinkedIn Learning (better than Pluralsight, in my humble opinion)
We also get a pretty generous training budget.
It's my training budget that'll be sending me to TestBash in Manchester this year. Too choice.

But this culture also means giving back!
In fact, part of my job description reads:
“Volunteers for knowledge sharing or 1:1 sessions to teach new skills”

So far this year, I’ve run sessions on using web hooks, third party integrations, and how to use our visual regression tools.

My favourite session though, was a Hawaiian detective themed two-part session on using our API called…

wait for it…


(sorry that’s terrible)

After starting this 30 days project, I was inspired to put my hand up to run a brown bag session too - I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to talk about yet! Maybe how to get testers involved in the development pipeline earlier.

But any suggestions welcome - I know some of my co-workers are reading this…! ;)

- JE