30 Days of Agile Testing! Day twenty-nine.

Day 29:
What columns do you have on your work tracker or kanban board?


Prompted by this days exercise, I looked at our Jira Kanban board for the first time in months.
To answer the question, these are the columns on it:

  • To Do
  • Requirements & UX
  • In Progress
  • Ready To Test
  • Verifying
  • Done

But it says a lot, to be honest, that I’ve not looked at it for so long. In fact, I don't think anybody has - I notice our last two projects are completely missing from the board.

Simply: I don’t think you need a kanban board or scrum board to be agile, and having one certainly doesn’t make you agile.

I already know what our implementation plan is - even just a rough idea in my head is enough. I know what my team are working on currently, and I’m pretty sure they know what I’m working on.

The only reason we might need an up to date tracking board is if an external stakeholder wants some visual indication of what we’re doing - but - they seem happy with the feedback they’re getting.

So - 30 days of testing, my question in return is - do you need your work tracker or kanban board?

- JE