Test Bash Manchester - 26th & 27th October 2017

If you haven't already heard, James and I are off to Ol' Blighty for Test Bash Manchester! We're really excited and have a fantastic opportunity to record podcasts with the speakers. Keep your eyes here or at the Ministry Of Test for updates and links to listen into the recordings! 
To join us in Manchester visit The Dojo to learn more and buy tickets! 

We had the great pleasure to speak with these to highly knowledgeable gentlemen, picking their brains on all things Automation, API & Automating APIs. 





TestBash Manchester and all things MoT With Richard

James got to catchup with the friendliest of testers and TestBash Manchester organiser Richard Bradshaw. Discussing the history of TestBash Manchester, origins of the Ministry of Testing and Dan's troubles with public transport. 




Psychology and Anxiety in Testing with Goran & Gem

Speaking with Manchester's own Gem Hill about what she has learned in dealing with anxiety and how she uses these lessons to improve her testing. 
Super Swede Göran Kero discusses with us his talk on what he learned studying psychology and the implications in his everyday testing.



Security, Hiring And Imposter Syndrome With Clare, Dan And Stephen

It was fantastic to get to speak with Clare Reckless, Dan Billing and Stephen Janaway, listen in as we discuss their topics for Manchester. Clare will be talking for the first time and covering Impostor Syndrome, while Dan is bringing us a workshop on security testing and Stephen covers tester recruitment.