30 days of Agile Testing! Day one.


If you're not aware, the good folk at Ministry of Testing have been publishing a bunch of 30 day testing challenges.

They're great. I did the first 30 days of testing challenge last year, and really want to get stuck into another one. 

So I'm committing to Septembers 30 days of agile testing! It's on the blog now, so I have to commit to it, right?

You can view the full list of challenges over at Ministry of Test.

Day One is:
Buy an agile testing related book and share something you've learned by day 30

My agile testing related book is Humans vs. Computers by Gojko Adzic. I'm not sure how well it fits under the banner of agile testing, but I love Gojko and I really want to read it. So - there you go! I'll let you know more once I've finished it!
(If you want to read it too, you can get it from Amazon!)

- JE