30 Days of Agile Testing! Day fourteen.

Day 14:
How can you deliver greater value to your customer?

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned how churches and charities make up a large part of our customer base.

It’s personal to me, because prior to testing, I did a two year internship training to be a church pastor (there’s reasons that didn’t work out, maybe a subject for another blog post one day).
One thing I learned in my time working for the church: pastors, especially in smaller churches, spend a lot of their time doing administration and non-pastory things.

Often, it’s not what they’re good at, and not what they’re passionate about.


Our office is plastered with posters like this one. It’s a little corny, but, I this is the only company I’ve worked for where I truly believe in our mission statement.

This is what church pastors do - build community, create connection, help people find a place they belong.

We facilitate this by building tools that minimise the amount of time they spend doing the admin work, and maximise the time they spend working on this much more important, much more valuable stuff.

The more we focus on this, the more value we are delivering to our customers. Too choice.

- JE