30 Days of Agile Testing! Day seventeen

Day 17:
Map out your current team structure. How does it compare to other teams?

This is my team!


The solid lines are the official team right now, but the dotted lines are all people we’re working with in some form or another.

How does it compare to other teams?
To be honest, it’s pretty similar across the board - we’re just a smaller team than most.

What I like is, that this isn’t particularly concrete.

People chop and change teams all the time, depending on the project. So pretty soon, we might be working with a different designer or product analyst.
Or, we may get a new team member. Or get our ‘loan’ team member back!

It makes for a nice working dynamic, when you get to work with new people often - and I think it builds a strong ‘wider’ team, too.

- JE