30 Days of Agile Testing! Day twenty

Day 20:
Investigate what is in your and your teams tool kit

I approached this by doing a little survey of our testing guild, to see what their ‘top three’ tools are.
I learned some things!

Everybody loves Slack - almost every respondent mentioned it.
For good reason.
Slack is how we communicate, but it also how we automate a lot of our deployment process, and a lot of alerts, errors and monitoring is all fed back into Slack.
We wouldn’t be completely lost without it, but boy it makes life easier.

Lots of people love Jira and Confluence - which was a bit of a surprise to me.
Because while we use them a lot, I still find them frustrating!
One action I could take from this is to find out from the wider how they’re using Jira and Confluence - maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Somebody likes Office Lens!
This is a new tool to me. I didn’t know it existed!
It’s basically an enhanced camera for iPhone or Android - great for capturing mind maps from whiteboards, or scraps of paper.
Here’s why it’s cool. Take a photo from an angle like this:


and it scales it properly and adds contrast so it looks like this:


Nice! Looking forward to using this more!

- JE