30 Days of Agile Testing! Day twenty-two

Day 22:
Find out what testing is being done by other team members

I surveyed three other team members to see what testing they did (or what testing they thought they did!)

Here's what they said: (These aren’t direct quotes, I’m paraphrasing!)


Hamish (Product Analyst):

Hamish says he checks a function works, there’s no unexpected behaviour, and the UI is polished.

Also, that there are no “speeling mistakes” <— that one’s a direct quote.

I would say Hamish does functional testing, and some usability testing.
He also does a lot of testing in requirements gathering phases of the development cycle, which he probably isn’t aware of.

He also is the only one of us that can do any functional tests in Production!
I lean on him a bit for this!


Michael (Designer):

When asked about testing, Michael mentioned that his major concern is about design components we create.

Do they actually make a better user experience, or do they add unnecessary noise and confusion?

He’s clearly talking about usability - we are looking to make a product that is not just functional, but a delightful user experience

Our development team also spends a lot of time with Michael looking over their shoulder.

We tweak things a lot at this stage, it’s a really great use of his eye in a testing capacity.


Raoul (Developer):

Raoul does basic functional testing, writes unit tests, and also runs our unit test suite on his machine.

Once he’s done that, we test the feature together, on his machine. This is a functional and exploratory test.

He also keeps a checklist on hand for frontend changes, which is kinda neat, so I thought I'd share it.

It looks like this:
- Check different screen sizes and resolutions
- Check different browsers
- Add/update mock views
(mock views are fake screens we use for automated visual diff tests)
- Run visual diff tests locally if the change is big
- Consider if this will break existing Acceptance Tests

I love that he's thinking about testing this stuff as he goes!

One thing I think I need to do is spend more time with our Product and Design people to contribute to the testing they’re doing - or just learn from them!

- JE