30 Days of Agile Testing! Day twenty-five.

Day 25:
What can’t you automate? Communicate that to your team.

There’s lots of things that can’t be automated!

I asked my team for advice on what to write about, and one of them said “you can’t automate clapping!”

Which, technically isn’t true, as proven here by Simone Giertz:


What they're talking about is - at our company, we really value celebrating success.

Could you automate “celebrating success”?

Thing is, you probably could. Imagine a ‘thanks-bot’ in slack.
But I can’t think of any way that it would be very good.

It makes me think of 'template' messages in LinkedIn. If you've ever received one, you'll know what I mean:
LinkedIn prompts a user to "Congratulate Steve on their new job!"
Steve then gets seven identical messages that read "Congratulations on the new job!"
It's completely not genuine - which means, it's not very valuable.

Here’s my quick thoughts on celebrating success properly:

  • It should take time - if a project’s been done well, it’s worth taking the time to celebrate it properly.
    This is best done over snacks, or a meal, in my opinion.
  • It should be personal - thanking someone in a really personal way, such as a face to face comment, or a hand written note, gives meaning to your thanks because you’re making an extra effort to express it.
  • It should be individual - it’s great to thank the whole team, but it’s even better to single out each member of the team and thank them for specific things they’ve done on their project. That way nobody can feel left out or like they’re not as much of a contributor as others.

That’s all! I hope that’s of use to some of you, I think celebrating wins is really important! It’s part of the “people over processes” part of the agile movement.

- JE