30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Eight!

Day 8

On an ecommerce platform, what monitoring and analytics would you implement and why?

Analytics stock photo

I'm wayyyy behind at this point, but soldier on eh :) Time is short, and so I’m answering this based on my gut, without doing any research. So bear with me.

Here’s my feelings. Our ecommerce business wants to make money. That’s our priority, and we do this by making sales. Sales go through our cart, so we want people to be able to get through the cart process.

One of the biggest threats to our sales then, is people abandoning the shopping cart. That is, adding items and then not completing the sale.

So that would be the number one metric I’d be looking at.

How many people are abandoned carts do we have at any time?
(We’d need to define what constitutes abandoned - if there are items in the cart, unchanged, for more than say, 30 minutes? It would take some experimentation to get a good number here.)

We could leverage this information and improve sales. If a cart has been idle for, say, 24 hours, send a reminder. If it’s been sitting there for longer. A week or two - send a discount code to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Of course, there’s lots of other stuff we could monitor alongside this, to filter better.

What is in the cart - is it still in stock? Had they already tried to use a discount code? Did they attempt to make a payment and fail?
All this information would shape how we respond.

That’s my number one :)

Of course, there’s lots of other stuff - monitoring for errors, analytics on how long they spend in the cart - number of clicks to complete vs clicks away to other products, etc.

I love monitoring and analytics, I think it's a vital and often overlooked function of testing - so glad to have a reminder of its importance today!

- JE