30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing, Day Nine!

Day 9


Share your three favourite tools for testing ecommerce products on The Club.

This is interesting, because I don’t test an ‘ecommerce’ product as such.
That said, I’d imagine most tools that I do use translate well to ecommerce products.

I love using Postman. It’s great for testing Public API endpoints, but it also serves really well for testing internal endpoints.
Often, I find myself with a feature that has a functioning backend, but the frontend hasn’t been built yet - and so Postman comes in really handy for testing this.

Raygun monitors for exceptions. Any time an exception is hit, in test or production, a message fires off to raygun.
Other systems (like Slack) can hook into this.
It means if a user hits an exception in production we can look into it almost immediately - invaluable if customers are having problems trying to buy stuff.

Chrome dev tools
This is a boring one, I know, but it proves itself time and again when trying to diagnose issues with a webpage not working as expected, or, just not looking right. Presentation matters when it comes to ecommerce, so, this is really important.

Those would be my three.

I tried to look into some tools that might be specific to ecommerce though, too.

Optimizely looks interesting.
It seems to be a platform for experimenting with content (A/B testing), and personalizing content to users.
It’s a big bucket of tools, targeted specifically at ecommerce.

Helio is another A/B testing tool.
This one looks to be specifically focused on A/B testing though, without any other frills. This might be better suited that Optimizely if you’re just looking to do an A/B test, but less so if there’s other analytics you want to do as well.

Finally, I looked into Clickheat.
This is a heat mapping tool for analyzing your users mouse click activities.
This would be really valuable insight into what your users are doing, compared to maybe what you expect them to do.

All three are neat looking tools I’d like to play with at some point!

- JE