30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Ten!

Day 10

An ecommerce system has been launched, you have to do a smoke test. Share what you would test. 


Smoke testing!
My understanding of a smoke test, is that it’s a quick test of core functionality.
Not detailed, just making sure that nothing catches fire (i.e. causes smoke).

So - what is the core functionality of an ecommerce site?
We want to make sure people can still buy stuff.

So a high level smoke test would be something like

  1. Search for a product
  2. Add item to cart
  3. Complete purchase from shopping cart

What product though? If your store only sells one product, that’s easy. If not, maybe search the most popular product, or products. Or the most profitable.

Of course, depending on the configuration, there might be other considerations too.

Does the user have to log in first? This probably needs to be part of the smoke test.
How much does your business rely on promo codes - is there a promotion about to happen? Then this should be tested too.
Do you offer multiple payment methods? Then these might require testing too.
Or, if one payment method is more popular than the others - be sure to test that one.
What about shipping costs?

In my opinion, there’s a temptation to over-engineer smoke tests.
They should be fast and easy, enough to give confidence that business can keep operating.

Thanks for reading!

- JE