30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Fourteen!

Day 14

Check out #ecommerce on Twitter and see if you can generate some test ideas from this feed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 20.50.29.png

This was the first interesting thing I found. It’s a video, of robot carts whizzing through a warehouse on tracks, collecting groceries.

It’s neat!

But if I was building / running this show, what kind of testing would I want to do?

I’m thinking about what the robots need to do:

  • pick the right groceries
    • if something is in the wrong place, will it still pick it?
    • what kind of check can we do once they’ve been selected - a weight tolerance maybe, like at the self-checkout?
  • pick the right quantity
    • what will it do if there aren’t enough items available?
    • what if I try and get the robot to pick silly quantities? 10,000 apples? -1 apples?
  • not collide with other robots
    • I’m sure they’re designed not to collide - but - how? Is there some kind of range boundary in which they won’t pass each other?
    • If one robot runs out of battery or wi-fi, could we collide with it? Are we monitoring / alerting on this stuff?
    • In the case of a collision - how quickly can we recover?
  • the groceries should be intact
    • Is the robot smart enough not to put a sack of potatoes on top of my eggs?
    • Will my apples remain unbruised while racing around in that cart?

So, these are the starting points for my testing I guess.

One thing that I would want to know is, what is the cost involved if the robots break.
I’d like to test making them crash into each other, but, you know, if that’s going to be super expensive… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- JE