30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Fifteen!

Day 15

Name five different online payment methods. 

Here are five different online payment methods, off the top of my head.

Credit Card
This is I guess the most common payment method.
It was really hard not to make this an exercise in just naming different credit card processors (stripe, paypal, etc).
Put in your credit card number, expiry, CVV - you know the drill.

ACH (Automated Clearing House)
Amnesty: I’m just going to rattle off what I know about ACH - I could be wrong, and I’m open to correction.

ACH is the US version of what we’d call a Direct Debit or Bank Payment here in New Zealand.


To make a payment, you enter your routing number and account number, and it fires money off from your bank to the merchants.
(routing number and account number are those numbers at the bottom of a cheque).
The difference is, that banks in the US don’t really talk to each other the same way they do here.
So behind the scenes, what your bank is really doing is sending a digital cheque to the merchant bank.
For this reason, ACH payments take 5-7 days to complete, like cheques would.

Pay to email / mobile


One thing I love about my bank is that their mobile app offers “pay to mobile / email” options.
I often transfer money to friends this way, when we’re splitting the bill for dinner and that sort of thing.
If they're with the same bank, and use the app, they just get an in-app notification saying the money's there.
If they're with a different bank, they get sent a link taking them to a 'claim payment' page.



The e-wallet concept is where you have an online ‘wallet’ that contains funds.
You can accept payments to this wallet, and then spend again directly from this wallet.
Paypal kinda works this way, and it looks like TradeMe have a new service called Ping ( which seems to be the same kind of concept.

Can you buy stuff using bitcoin? I think so?

This is my most poorly research blog post to date, thanks for putting up with it!

- JE