30 Days of E-Commerce Testing - Day Sixteen!

Day 16

Identify which occasions in the year are busiest for ecommerce websites. How would you prepare for them?
Here’s a site that lists some of the biggest days for “e-commerce marketing” here in New Zealand.

cyber monday stock image.jpeg

It includes:
- Mother’s day
- Father’s day
- Hallowe’en (I don’t believe this tbh - Hallowe’en isn’t a particularly big thing here)
- Click Monday (I have never heard of this - but apparently it’s NZ’s answer to Cyber Monday)
- Black Friday
- Cyber Monday
- Christmas
- New Year
- Valentine’s day

It’s an interesting list.
Some are obvious candidates. Black Friday / Cyber Monday are interesting - because they’re based around Thanksgiving, which we don’t celebrate.
But, because we buy a lot from overseas, people do a lot of shopping on these days anyway, because there is so much going on sale.
So, the concepts have caught on here.
I don’t see the need for a ‘Click Monday’ though. That sounds fabricated to me.


With one of these dates approaching, how would I prepare?

Here’s three things:
Load test
If we’re going to get a bunch more traffic, we should ensure we’re prepared to handle it.
We should run a load test with expected traffic numbers (or greater) to ensure we’re not going to fall over.

Contingency planning
If the site does go down, how quickly can we get it back up?
We should test this process beforehand - run a gameday exercise and see how quickly it can be brought back up.
An extra on call person might be a good idea, too.

Code freeze
Don’t ship anything new on the day in question - or maybe even the days or weeks leading up to it!
Stable code is good, we don’t want to introduce anything breaking!

- JE