30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Seventeen!

Day 17
Identify what the most important parts of an ecommerce website are.

This is a hugely broad question - there’s so much! I started looking into this, and I got overwhelmed.

But I did learn something, and that’s the importance of this:


The ‘continue as guest’ feature. This is a must have for ecommerce!

There’s a real temptation not to allow it, to require registration instead.
Registration is good, because it ties the purchase to a person, makes it easier to track, brings them into your ecosystem for marketing… et cetera.

But - requiring registration is also a real turnoff for casual buyers.

  • It’s a whole lot of extra work - extra clicking, entering of information.
  • It asks for information the buyer might not want to give or feel comfortable giving.

Here’s a neat article on how ASOS reduced cart abandonment by fifty percent (fifty!!), simply by removing the need to register or login to make a purchase.
- JE