30 Days of E-commerce testing - Day one!

OK, so it's the fourth of May (happy Star Wars day!) and I'm only just getting started on my "30 days of e-commerce testing" challenge.

It happens ^_^

If you're not aware of the challenge, the details can be found on the Ministry of Testing.

So, here we go...!

30 Days of E-Commerce testing

Day one: Look up some definitions for ‘ecommerce’, from these create and share your own definition.

Welp, if ‘e-mail’ is electronic mail, then it’s reasonable to assume that ‘e-commerce’ is electronic commerce.

What’s commerce?

According to Oxford dictionary:
“The activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.”

So, to me, e-commerce would be “the activity of buying and selling, electronically”.

Although, I reckon that’s a bit vague. Electronically could mean an EFTPOS terminal, or an ATM - and that’s not what we’re talking about. In a modern context, I think we mean “using the internet”.

So, “the activity of buying and selling, using the internet”. It raises interesting questions around what apps or websites I would consider “e-commerce” though.

For example -

  • Is TradeMe an e-commerce website? It facilitates the buying and selling of goods, but, they don’t actually sell anything themselves.
  • On a similar line - Facebook has loads of ‘buy/sell/swap’ groups now - does this make Facebook an e-commerce website?
  • What about Netflix? I pay for an online subscription to their service. Ecommerce?
  • Internet banking - I often pay for goods I’ve bought online using my banking app. Should we then call this an e-commerce app?=
  • Gaming - Angry birds, and many other apps, offer in-app purchases. Does this make them e-commerce apps?
  • Giving - the company I work for offers a website for making donations. Money changes hands, but there is no buying or selling. E-commerce?

So, I want to extend my definition and say that:
E-commerce is the activity of buying and selling, electronically. But an e-commerce app is an app (or website) whose primary purpose is the buying or selling of goods or services.

And that's that.

Thanks for reading!

- JE