30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Two!


Day two: Read and share an interesting blog about ecommerce testing.

So, encouraged by a friend of mine, I'm doing some automation practice in my spare time.
The end goal being, a nice set of automated tests on a practice website that I can use to demo my work.

I was looking at using either or, both (sample) e-commerce sites.

But of course, I really haven't had great ideas for 'what' to test. Add to shopping cart, remove from shopping cart, etc.

So I was quite pleased when a quick google search in aid of todays exercise turned up this:

All it really is, is a checklist of, well, checks you could do in testing e-commerce websites. Pretty basic, but, it's going to be a great resource for me.

Ideally I'll have a subset of these done before the 30 days is out! But don't hold me to it (I already have a reputation for having too many goals...)

- JE