30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Six!

Day 6
If you were testing a “my cart” webpage, what three test cases would you perform first? Share them!

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I guess I’d start by asking a question around the scope of this test?
Like - does testing “my cart” mean going from “item in cart” all the way through to “purchased”?
Because that’s the most important thing, in my opinion - that our cart actually enables our customers to buy stuff.

But my guess is, given the context of the question, the scope of what we’re testing is limited just to the “my cart” page - does the functionality on screen work.

The first thing I’d check is add/remove item functionality.
Can I add items to the cart? Can I remove items? Seems like the most basic and necessary check.

Then, I’d dig deeper into this add/remove functionality.
Can I add multiple items? How many can I add?
Can I remove items? Can I remove everything?
What if I change the quantity of an item, are there limits on how many I can have (zero, negative)?

Finally, I’d check the persistence of data.
If I close the browser, and reopen, are the contents of my cart still there?
This is a priority because it (in theory) will encourage users to complete the sale.
Of course, this depends a little on business requirements. I’m assuming that that’s something the business wants!

This is of course, all functional testing - other things to think about would be usability, performance (is there a timeout -e.g. for a ticketing system?), security, and more.