30 Days of E-Commerce Testing - Day Twenty!

Day 20

Shopping Cart Abandonment: What are some common ways of handling this issue?

 This cart has clearly not been abandoned

This cart has clearly not been abandoned

I haven’t forgotten about 30 days of e-commerce, I swear.
A bit of illness and a few intense work days have put me behind :)
So, you know, maybe it will be sixty days of E-commerce, but oh well.
Shopping Cart Abandonment!

The good thing is, I’m an expert in this, I abandon my shopping carts all the time.
In both E-commerce and at the supermarket.

Here’s a couple of things I notice happen:

- An email the next day saying “Hey, you still have items in your cart!” This is cool, it reminds me incase I’d forgotten about it.

- An email a week or so later saying “You didn’t complete your purchase, here’s a discount code” This is cool too - a good way to encourage people to complete their otherwise forgotten purchases.

- Another feature of an abandoned cart email is a time limit. “We will remove from your cart in three days”, or, “One of the items in your cart is about to sell out.” This sense of urgency is a good way of increasing cart completion!

Of course, none of this happens when I’m actually in the supermarket…

- JE