30 Days of E-Commerce Testing - Day Twenty-Three!

Day 23:
What are examples of businesses which are marketplace ecommerce platforms?

I think of two things when it comes to ‘marketplace’ ecommerce.
There’s sites like Amazon or Ali Baba, that allow third party businesses to sell on their site.

Then there’s sites like TradeMe or Ebay that are individuals selling second hand items.

The second one is the more interesting space for me at the moment.
There are two main sources for buying second hand goods here in NZ - one is TradeMe, the other is Facebook.

I really like TradeMe, I use it a lot.
But, I hear lots of complaints these days. It’s harder to find what you’re looking for, fees going up, advertising.
It’s kinda understandable.


Here’s a regular search I do for X-Men comics. Slap bang in the middle, is an advertisement - that looks much like a regular listing - for Gabions.
I don’t know what a Gabion is and I don’t want to buy one.
This isn’t a great experience, far as I’m concerned.

I’ve never traded using Facebook - I don’t trust it.
That said, lots of people do. It seems to be much more popular.
You don’t get stung by fees like TradeMe do, and the sellers seem to be more local.
You can also request stuff you’re looking for, and trade goods, rather than buy.

It’s harder to find items though - as far as I can tell, Facebook buy/sell/trade groups don’t have any way to search, or categorization like TradeMe would.

The main down side is though, in my opinion, there is absolutely no protection like there is with TradeMe.
TradeMe allows you to offer feedback on buyers/sellers, which gives some motivation to complete the trade, and be honest people.
They also refund fees if the sale doesn’t go through - I’ve had to do this a few times.

In the interest of this post though, I joined a FB buy sell swap group. They have to vet me before letting me in - so I guess that's something :D

So yeah. I’ll probably stick with TradeMe for now, despite the fees and stuff. Buy my stuff please, thanks.

- JE