30 Days of E-Commerce Testing - Day Twenty-Six!

Day 26
Learn about how users are tracked on ecommerce websites/apps. Blog your findings!

Welp, I’ll just redirect you to a couple of other blogs I looked at: Shopify on web analytics and Kissmetrics on metrics.

Here’s some things I learned.

Study your bounce rate
Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that come to your site and immediately ‘bounce’ away again.
I’m surprised at the typical numbers being around 50% - that seems high to me.
It’s a good number to have though. If it’s high, once you know it’s high, you can take steps to improve it.

Landing pages
The landing page is the first page a person lands on when they visit your site.
It might not always be your homepage! It could be a promo page, or a product page, or something else.
It’s good to work out what landing pages are most popular, and leverage this information.

Conversion rate
Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who actually purchase something.
Learning about the sources of your most conversions can be revealing.
Do they come directly from another website, or a search engine?
Mobile or desktop?
What percentage of those conversions are new visitors vs returning customers?

All this data will inform your marketing strategy and, if utilised correctly, will lead to better sales!

- JE