30 Days of E-Commerce Testing - Day Twenty-Seven!

Getting there!


Day 27
How can we use the analytics data from ecommerce sites to help us test?

This is kind of a follow on from day 26 huh, so let’s try using that as a basis.

The most obvious thing is looking at landing pages.

This is a nice pointer as to where our testing should be prioritised. If most users are landing on one particular page, we should probably focus some testing effort there first, before other less common landing pages.

Conversion rate can be used in the same way.

If we get a high conversion rate from mobile, then this would inform us that we should concentrate testing efforts on mobile first.
If most income comes from returning users, we should concentrate on those flows first.
If we get more income from guests or first time buyers, then we should focus testing efforts there.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate can inform testing in a different way.
If there are spikes in a bounce rate - maybe a page is down?
Or if a particular landing page bounces more than others - maybe there’s a problem with it?
Bounce rate can give off a ‘smell’ of places where there might be a problem - that needs further investigation.

And that’s that! On to day 28!
- JE