30 Days of E-Commerce Testing - Day Twenty-Eight!


Day 28
Identify potential ethical issues with the use of ecommerce data. What are some public examples?

Again, I’m going to outsource my answers here. I’ve had to do the research though, so rest assured I’m learning stuff :) gives five simple rules for ethical data collection.

Ultimately, I think it boils down to
- know what you’re collecting
- know why you’re collecting it
- take great care when using it! gives seven examples of cases where data has been treated insensitively or carelessly.

Interestingly, I don’t think this is a new problem, or one particular to E-Commerce.
Stories like these have been happening ever since stores started making mailing lists and sending out personalised marketing material.
E-Commerce has just… exacerbated the problem!

I think the thing to learn from those stories is to think carefully about what you’re doing marketing wise.
There’s room here for some testing of marketing material. What is the worst case scenario? What are the edge cases of people you’re marketing to?

Turns out, marketing needs testers too :)

- JE