30 Days Of E-Commerce Testing - Day Thirty!

Day 30
Find 4 different types of credit cards and learn what makes them different - e.g number length.

The last day!


I can just tell you what I know.

VISA cards always start with a 4, Mastercard with a 5. Both have sixteen digit numbers.
AMEX only has 15 digits, and lots of people complain about their high fees.

VISA, Mastercard and Discover are all tied to banks. AMEX isn’t.

That’s all well and good.

VISA and Mastercard offer both Credit and Debit cards (I’m not sure if the others do?)

Fees are generally higher on credit cards than debit cards, and it’s really hard to tell before you’ve been charged whether a card is credit or debit.

I have a great story about my credit card being stolen… but… that’s for another time!

And that’s all!

This has been a great 30 day challenge, but it took me way too long. I need to only do these in a less busy month!

My favourite day was actually day 29 - I learned so much. Thanks for reading!
- JE