Podcast updates

Whoops! There's been so much going on for the Super Testing Bros, we've forgotten to keep our blog up to date.

There's been a few podcasts since we last posted - here they are!

TestBash Manchester Review by Super Testing Bros

James and Dan review the TestBash event in Manchester. Find out our top 3 picks and favourite moments from Manchester!


Testing for Developers

The Super Testing Bros talk to two developers, Raoul D’Cunha and Ankan Sircar about what testing means to them. 


Kicking off a Year of Learning

We talk to Vera Gehlen-Baum and Matt Parker all about learning.


Episode 8 - Bug Bashing

Episode 8
The Super Testing Bros discuss the benefits of Bug bashing or Crowd testing your product internally prior to a release, and how to get the best out of your bug bashes.

It's the dawn of a new ear in testing as The Super testing Bros have partnered up with the Ministry of testing! So head over there now and check out the pod, and so much other awesome! 

Episode 7 - Contracting for Bugs

Today we take a look at life as a contract tester, how to start out and how to succeed. 

Helping us explore this parallel universe is Kim Engel and Jody Goodwin, two incredibly successful and knowledgable contract testers. Join us as we pick their brains and recount some fantastic stories from their experiences. 

Thanks for listening, as always, get in touch with us at @supertestingbro, or email us at supertestingbros at gmail dot com

Episode 6 - Seven Types of Testers

Today we're talking about different styles of testers, based around James Bach's article, Seven Types of Testers.
We also talk about football a bit more than we probably should.

We're pleased to be joined by Victoria Lea and Paul Maxwell-Walters.
You can follow Paul on Twitter at @testingrants, or find his blog at testingrants.blogspot.com.

We also mention free Selenium training c/o SauceLabs on the pod, you can find that at https://training.saucelabs.com/course/selenium-101-elearning - we haven't tried it yet though, so this isn't an endorsement!

Thanks for listening, as always, get in touch with us at @supertestingbro, or email us at supertestingbros at gmail dot com